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Reliable™ - Introducing Our Mobile-Based Platform

Go Green IT's full-force effort to help you grow your business and manage it in the digital age is our in-development app, Reliable™.

Reliable™ encompasses just about everything we feel is necessary for you to run the back end of your business. With the HITECH ACT enforcing doctors and related fields to implement health care technology, it is only a matter of time before human service agencies are mandated to implement similar technology and digitalize their businesses. So why not get ahead of the game instead of rushing around last minute to implement an electronic medical record system that is expensive, and doesn't even work?

GoGreenIT's Reliable™ is a HIPAA compliant, electronic medical record (EMR) system designed by human service agencies for human service agencies. This ensures all features a company may need are included in the app and are easy to use. Reliable™ is cost-effective and efficient. It saves time and money, and can reduce by up to 75% the amount of paperwork generated by human service agencies.

Some of the advantages offered by Reliable™ include:

  • * Cuts overall costs by 3-5%
  • * Diminishes production of paperwork by 75%
  • * Improves staff satisfaction and retention
  • * Decreases the possibility of lost paperwork
  • * Eliminates billing and payroll errors
  • * Lessens the time for completing paperwork for direct care staff
  • * Reduces administrative payroll and billing staff by as much as 80%
  • * Improves quality of services provided
  • * Easy to implement
  • * Little training needed for staff and administrators

"So how does Reliable™ actually work?" The answer is simple. Direct Care staff work with their clients as usual. When finished with their shift, they have the client sign on an iPad. Next, the staff member finishes the form and, with a click of a button, all of the week's forms are submitted at once for administrators to review, run reports, and much more. Here are a few of the basic functions that Reliable has to offer:

  • * Automatic form filing
  • * Electronic signatures
  • * Instant messaging
  • * Automatic billing
  • * Automatic payroll
  • * Search function for billing misrepresentations
  • * Data analysing
  • * Expense tracking
  • * Report generating
  • * And More!

Finally, it is time for the BIG Question that matters to most businesses: How much does this thing cost?

We don't want to charge you huge set up fees, or one large fee for the program. Reliable™ is as little as $34.99 per direct care staff per month, plus an initial app fee of $3000 or $150 per employee, whichever is higher. That is it! And it gets even better!

Understanding the current economy and its effects on today's businesses, we give you the option to buy your own equipment or rent ours. This means if you have 100 employees, you do NOT have to go out and buy 100 iPads. Just rent them from us for another $20 per direct care staff per month. That puts you at a total of $54.99 per direct care staff per month. Now try to beat that anywhere else!

PLUS! We also offer you the opportunity to rent a server for an additional $5 a month, for a total of only $59.99 per direct care staff per month. How's that for a bargain?

So are you ready to digitalize your human service agency and get ahead of the game? Contact us today to set up a demo, ask questions, receive a quote.

Get ready to go digital. Go green.