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Let's Talk About Us - Where We Began.

Go Green IT was founded in 2012 by developer Nick Mudgett. Despite the rapid growth in technology in recent years, many small businesses still have yet to embrace the new and intriguing possibilities technology offers. The very foundation of this company is to help these "in need" businesses reach the ever-expanding digital frontier by applying the skills Nick and his team have developed to help your business to prosper.

We reach out to our clients to help them get noticed by search engines with SEO optimzation. We're around when you want to spruce up the look of your website or develop one from scratch, and we never hesitate to take up an offer to build the software that could eliminate your piles of wasted paper and hours of wasted effort.

At Go Green IT, we're here to rescue you and your employees from time-consuming paper documents, error-prone reports and tedious payroll calculations, and to help move your business toward a brighter and more efficient future.

What We Can Do For You - Our Services

Our new, mobile-based platform solution, Reliable™ will significantly reduce paperwork for more than 70,000 Pennsylvania employees who work for over 3,500 home and community-based Human Service agencies in the Commonwealth. Our patent-pending innovation replaces the current paper-based system which is cumbersome and creates the opportunity for billing errors, lost documentation and a high level of employee frustration. Learn more about our Reliable application, and see if it's right for your company!

"Our product specifically accommodates human service agencies by providing a HIPPA compliant electronic filing and data analyzing system that automatically interfaces with state billing systems and payroll companies."

-- Nick Mudgett, Director & CEO, GoGreetIt